How do I keep birds from eating the seed from a newly seeded lawn?

overseed. they can't eat all of the seeds.

buy the seed that is in newspaper and fertilizer, scotts makes one, other than that you cant keep them from it.

i dunno...did you cover it with hay, too? i've seen that done a few times. maybe they can't get to it then?

Cover it with gauze. Or get a cat.

You can use sun screen material that you tack down with spikes. When the grass begins to germinate remove the screen before the grass grows through it.

put straw or hey on top after it starts growing rake it up gently

Purchase a pellet gun at any sporting goods store.

Lay hay over it. Keeping a dummy of man (made locally with sticks and hay) can work too.

you can put a stake next to theose replanted spots with an old cd or small aluminum pie pan on a string .the shiny flash of light and movement of these will keep the birds scared off.

Maybe put a stick in the ground and tie little strings that move in the wind. OR you can give them something else to do somewhere else in your yard.

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