Ways to prevent cars from driving up on a lawn?

Put up a metal fence. I would put in spikes that will ruin their tires.

Bigger rocks- the ones that could do some damage to the underside of a car

I've heard of people taking a 2x4 and hot glueing nails along it so when someone runs over it they blow there tire up.

She should talk to her neighborhood association to see if she can add some larger rocks/small boulders at the corner. I'm sure they'll be understanding, especially if she has to frequently replace her fence due to people running into it. I grew up in the country and my neighbor's house was at the -corner and cars used to occasionally plow through the yard. She added a long row of 2x2x6 cut rocks to border the corner and it solved the problem. (the rocks used to be the foundation of an old 19th century one-room schoolhouse)

Dig post holes 2' down and space less than width of average car. Insert plastic piping about 4' or more in height (2' will be in the ground) about size for a main sewer line then fill these 'posts' with cement. Can leave the plastic or remove from your cement pillars. Similar pillars are placed in front of some businesses to prevent cars from parking lot driving into their walls. Can string a chain from post to post if wish to fence it off also. Definitely check with city codes first. Cities require a fence permit (city where I live, the fence permit is free) so it had been noted that it was approved type of fencing.

Roofing nails along the lot perimeter will do the job very nicely.

Railroad ties, my grandmother used them to prevent people from parking in her driveway, maybe a small brick wall with flower beds

Large rocks, about the size of a Great Dane. It will do damage to a car when hit, and they look nice if place right. Ask & explain the situation to the assosiation, they do make exeptions unless they're ruled by a dictator.

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